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I'm having trouble connecting my bank account. What should I do?keyboard_arrow_down

Will applying to Debite impact my credit score?keyboard_arrow_down

What information do I need to provide about my business?keyboard_arrow_down

Do I need a personal guarantee?keyboard_arrow_down

When will I know if my application has been approved?keyboard_arrow_down

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Who is Debite for?keyboard_arrow_down

We have offices all around the EU, can I still use Debite?keyboard_arrow_down

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Will I be charged interest?keyboard_arrow_down

Do I have to pay fees?keyboard_arrow_down

How much does Debite cost?keyboard_arrow_down

What are Debite's FX conversion rates?keyboard_arrow_down

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How is Debite different from lenders that offer revenue-based financing?keyboard_arrow_down

Where can I view my transaction history?keyboard_arrow_down

Is Debite a credit card or cash advance?keyboard_arrow_down

Is Debite an alternative to a VC?keyboard_arrow_down

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How does the 4% cashback work?keyboard_arrow_down

How long can I get 4% cashback for?keyboard_arrow_down

Is the 4% cashback promotion limited to specific merchants?keyboard_arrow_down

Is there a cap on cashback?keyboard_arrow_down

How does the cashback promotion work for instalments?keyboard_arrow_down

Debite Pay
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What is Debite Pay?keyboard_arrow_down

Can I send payments in other currencies than GBP?keyboard_arrow_down

Can I send payments to our company's own bank account?keyboard_arrow_down

Can I send payments to personal bank accounts?keyboard_arrow_down

What's the transaction fee?keyboard_arrow_down

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