Top 15 SaaS Tools for Startups and Small Businesses

At Debite, we know these crucial requirements of SaaS tools for your business and developed a solution for your startup.

Top 15 SaaS Tools for Startups and Small Businesses
15 June 2022

At Debite, we know these crucial requirements of SaaS tools for your business and developed a solution that will give you the edge to grow your business efficiently.

Today, choosing the best, most suitable, affordable and practical tools for your business is vital. So, here are some excellent SaaS tools to improve your way of working and create a seamless workflow. You can take advantage of annual plan discounts using the upfront cash you got from Debite.

Why Do You Need SaaS Tools?

Simply put, you can easily manage and monitor your workflow with SaaS tools. You can find many different options for your needs in SaaS alternatives and choose an affordable, useful, user-friendly one for your business. You don’t even need to be a techie, employ or outsource an IT person to implement these tools most of the time. They are designed to be used by all your team members and created to help you easily digitalise your business. So, here are some of the most common benefits and reasons to use SaaS tools:

  • No hardware: SaaS tools don’t need any hardware to work. Primarily, they work within cloud servers, and that’s why they are swift and secure. Also, your expenses will be lower with SaaS products without any hardware need. So, they are good to use when you kick off your business with a relatively small budget! 
  • Manage the scale: SaaS products have good scalability options. So, no matter how big or small your business is, you can scale and tailor the software for your business.
  • No maintenance expense: While using a hardware-free product, you don’t have to worry about hardware maintenance fees. That’s what makes SaaS solutions affordable and accessible.

If you have a small business or are about to kick off a startup, using SaaS applications for your processes is the easiest, most logical and affordable way to manage your company. Just figure out your company’s needs and find suitable solutions for your business structure. 

SaaS products help you create a low-budget and enhanced structured workflow to make a new way of working. Whenever you need a tool to improve your company, you can find a SaaS tool to help you. So, they will be there for you anytime you need them. 

We have gathered some of the best and most used SaaS tools.

Most Popular SaaS Applications

You can find lots of different SaaS tools suitable for your business. They are well-designed and well-optimised products to ensure a high-performance digitalisation experience in your industry. During the golden age of digitalisation in the 2020s, it is still not late to catch the wind and improve the performance of your business with next-generation products. 

We have gathered the 15 most used and most important SaaS products for you that are almost applicable to businesses in diverse industries. You can save money with Debite’s loan on your SaaS subscriptions by switching to the annual plans that offer massive discounts. Discover Debite’s practical, highly-recommended and easy-to-use world. 

Zoom for Online Meetings and Remote Working

No one can talk about this subject without mentioning Zoom! Online meetings have changed our lifestyle, working routine, and meeting attitude. Zoom is one of the most used SaaS tools between 2020-2022, and we still use it almost daily.

Zoom’s popularity is primarily because of the flexibility and diversity the tool offers and its simplicity. From online webinars to team meetings and university classes, Zoom uses various ways. Also, you can use Zoom on any device and platform, which eliminates the dependency on limited device solutions. In addition, The tool doesn’t require a high-performing computer or mobile phone. You can join meetings with your Android or iOS smartphone, share your screen, open polls, etc. 

Zoom can easily be your best friend within minutes if you are looking for a SaaS tool to organise your online meetings. You can check Zoom’s business plans and simply integrate the product into your workflow. Your employees can set Zoom meetings on Outlook and send meeting invitations to each other in less than a minute. Also, you can use Zoom to present your new ideas and projects to your customers, regardless of wherever they work. 

If you have already transformed your working routine to the hybrid or fully remote model, you need to have an online tool to organise meetings, right? Here is where Zoom can assist you with its easy-to-use and responsive interface. You don’t need to have physical meetings; you don’t have to fly all over the country to meet your potential customers. Simply claim Zoom’s Premium version to create your company's fully digital meeting organisation. Moreover, a loan from Debite can add the benefit of saving money because Zoom offers 17% off for your annual purchases.

Slack for Team Communication

Momentarily communication is a must for every company. However, paying substantial mobile phone bills has been out of topic for years, and you need to separate your personal WhatsApp account with business communication, right? Slack is here to create compelling and fast communication for you.  

The multifunctionality of the communications platforms has become one of the fundamental parts of digitalisation. Because mailing is usually not agile enough to meet a startup’s communication needs. On the other hand, Slack provides a refined interface, user experience, and high compatibility with other tools you may have been using, such as Google Docs or Trello. So when it comes to internal communication, Slack makes the top of the list.

You can use Slack for your text, video, and audio communications. Also, you can simply create teams and channels on Slack to connect your employees. In addition, Slack can help you connect other SaaS products to your communication channel with numerous integrations. For example, you can follow up on ongoing and following projects and their status with agile board extensions. Also, Slack has Android and iOS applications; you can even connect with your employees when they are out of the office. 

As a global love brand, Slack is more than a communication application nowadays. Slack will be your partner during your digitalisation process to make internal communication more fun and easy. Are you looking for a tool to improve your company communications and operations at a faster pace and save some money? Get a loan from Debite in 24 hours and invest it in Slack’s annual plan to get a 17% discount. 

Figma for Collaborative Design

Whatever your industry is, marketing is a vital part of the journey. And when it comes to marketing, design is one of the main pillars. But, have you ever checked the design software prices? Yes, they are expensive, aren’t they? But on the other hand, they are super important to have. So, how can you manage a marketing team with a fully-equipped creative workflow? Figma can solve the problem for you. An affordable and exciting tool to use, no matter what your marketing project is.  

Figma makes design a simple, enjoyable process. Your employees can be a part of the design workflow with Figma’s straightforward interface and well-adjusted user experience. You can even learn how to design with Figma from scratch.

Figma will be one of the most used SaaS tools in your business’s marketing department. Apply for a loan on Debite to start using Figma today and get a 20% off with a yearly plan. We are sure they will appreciate your move and immediately begin to use this brilliant tool with joy!

Canva for Designing Social Media Posts

Gaining new customers is the number one target for your company, right? We can’t think about gaining customers without social media efforts nowadays. So, having an excellent social media design tool is a must-have. 

Social media changed how we communicate with our customers and promote our products. Canva is a tool to simplify your social media design and post processes.

From printable brochures to Instagram posts, Canva has tens of template categories that are easy to redesign. Using Canva is easy; you don’t need to learn to design with Canva’s beautiful templates. The tool also provides free stock photos, videos, and illustrations for you to use on your designs. So check Canva and discover the new way of communication with eye-catching visuals.

Dropbox for Cloud Server

You can’t buy external hard drives for every single team member. It would be so expensive and also useless effect. On the other hand, you need to store your data online at affordable prices to share your files with peers, right? Then you are in the right place, and Debite is here to back you up with good discounts. Storing data and files on your physical hard disk or USB flash disk is outdated. So you need to rethink how you store your documents online and offline as soon as possible. And Dropbox is an outstanding solution for that.

With Dropbox’s business plans, you can simply move your offline files to cloud servers and securely store them. Also, you can share any file you want with your peers. So if you’re going to have a business managed as a 21st-century company, you should consider cloud storage servers. Dropbox is one of the best solutions for that, and you can save cash with Debite on your Dropbox purchases, too!

Asana for Scalable Team Management

Agile is a workflow term and an attitude to have in your company. Being agile has been the main target for every company for years now. It is the right time to redesign your team members’ workload and workstream with an agile mindset. Asana can help you with that.

Asana is an excellent agile board to manage your projects and follow up on the current workload, backlog and completed teams’ tasks. Discover new ways of working with your employers to help them be more agile and self-starters. Create small groups with an agile mindset and make them run sprints to complete complex tasks within shorter times than expected. They will use Asana to manage their sprints and outputs.  

Trello for Simple Project Coordination

Completing a complex task with an extensive team sometimes becomes a colossal disaster. And creating agile teams is the best way to separate big tasks into small pieces. You need to let your employees work with a self-starter attitude. Thereby you can expect them to complete complex tasks in a limited time. Trello is one of the most used and straightforward agile boards. For years, the tool has become a love brand with a user-friendly and simple design. 

Trello helps you create boards, add the team members, follow the sprints and complete tasks. You can assign tasks to respective employers and add due dates, detailed pieces of information, files, and so on. You can simply debrief your employers and follow the current work status. With Debite, you can have Trello with a 25% price advantage in a yearly plan. 

Hubspot for Marketing Boost

Hubspot is a powerful marketing automation tool. Your marketing team can manage their workload easily with this well-designed tool and perform better. Especially when it comes to understanding your customers' needs, recent activities, and purchases, you’ll need an effective tool like Hubspot to complete that tasks. 

Your marketing team needs an excellent tool to have good quality leads. Thereby, they can manage their workflow. The tool has its own CRM module, and with this module, you can easily monitor your customers’ profiles and address their needs.

Zendesk for Efficient Customer Management

Customer support is a must-have service, and it is pretty expensive. But with Debite’s special offer, one of the best customer management tools is affordable for your company. Zendesk is an excellent tool for having a customer support system. With Zendesk, you can easily have your helpdesk ticket system and manage all support requests with one software. 

You can integrate your mail and chat support services to Zendesk, manage every helpdesk source on one platform, and easily connect with your customers. Solving their problems faster is your main objective and managing tickets seamlessly with Zendesk is easier than you can imagine.

With the help of Debite’s loan, you can integrate Zendesk into your business for a fair price—a 24% discount is available if you subscribe to the annual plans.

Mailchimp for Effective Outreach

Mailchimp is an easy tool for creating mail newsletters and mail campaigns for your customers. Also, you can track the performance of your mailing campaigns with their KPIs and monitor them.

Mailchimp allows you to design your company’s branding on mail inboxes with lots of lovely templates. It is nice to have an easy-to-use mailing partner create amazing marketing campaigns. 

Notion for All-in-one Digital Workspace 

Notion can help you to connect your teams, projects, and documents. Thereby, you can manage almost everything on a single interface. You can store your meeting notes, key projects and anything you want with tags. Also, you can use Notion even as an agile board to create workflows. Why do you need Notion, though? This question has a simple answer. Because we all need to combine different data, documents, and tasks in an elaborately designed dashboard, we can present them anytime and to anyone we want. Furthermore, with Notion, you can easily track the current status of tasks and complete every single step in a well-orchestrated organisation. 

As one of the most popular SaaS tools, Notion offers a well-prepared, organised, easy-to-follow workflow to make your business even more optimised and organised with digital attributes.

You can enjoy up to a 20% discount if you spend the cash you got from Debite on long-term subscriptions and discover a new way of working with one of the most popular organisers.

Hootsuite for One-stop-shop Social Media Management

Social media management and monitoring are pivotal for business management nowadays. Hootsuite is one of the most productive tools for that.

You can manage multiple social media accounts on Hootsuite, schedule posts for various accounts, and monitor your social media interactions. From Facebook to Linkedin, Hootsuite makes social media management an end-to-end journey for everyone. 

Calendly for Precise Planning

Do you want to schedule demo days or meetings with your customers easily? Then why don’t you give Calendly a shot to simplify this process?

Calendly has a simple interface to easily set meetings and share them with your customers. Also, this tool has nice integrations with Gmail, Office365, and more. On the other hand, if you want to implement your meeting schedule on your website, Calendly can be used for that.

SEMrush for Taking Care of SEO

Search engine optimisation and search engine marketing are essential for almost every business—you already know that by now, having a fancy website is not enough to reach your customers, and you need to create content. So how do you measure and improve the success of your content? First, you need to understand how SEO and SEM work and how you can improve your website’s traffic, attract more visitors, and convert them to paying customers.

Your potential customers are now on Google and searching with different keywords to find your products. So, how can you determine which keywords suit your blog or product pages? How can you be in the top positions on Google search results pages? SEMrush will provide whatever you need with incredible insights, tools, analysis, and more.

Grammarly for Exquisite Use of the English Language

Even in your native language, sometimes it is hard to write grammatically correct and easy-to-read copies. However, Grammarly can correct your grammar and suggest improvements to all of your text. So whether you need blog articles with perfect English or your team members to be more careful with their typos and narratives in emails, Grammarly has a solution.

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