The Most Active Angel Investors in the UK

Funding is probably the most important thing for startups—as it is vital for every company.

The Most Active Angel Investors in the UK
15 June 2022

How does it feel to be a business owner? A founder? Someone with a dream, a plan, to nudge the world around them toward a better, more practical, sustainable, or even more accessible future? You might have already managed to turn your dream into reality. But, of course, there are inevitable matters you need to consider even before founding your business or startup. First and foremost, you need funding.

Funding is probably the most important thing for startups—as it is vital for every company. But, unlike regular businesses, startups’ disruptive nature makes them appealing to high-risk reward investments. Some of the most successful companies like Uber and Airbnb were just ideas to transform an industry or create an alternative solution.

All those fantastic ideas and projects need money to come to life, and seed funding gets them off the ground. Angel investors for startups are excellent sources that provide this funding. There are alternative ways to tackle your financial demons. So first, let’s take a look at Angel investors.

What Is an Angel Investor

Angel investors or business angels are usually people of high net worth who aim to invest in startups and high-growth businesses in return for a share of stakes or profit. Although their contribution to the company is monetary, they can also lend their experience and expertise to support your startup’s growth. Therefore Angel investors differ from Venture Capitalists in that they might be more hands-on with the startups they invest in. So, you can get the funding you need and mentorship that can guide you through the chaotically dynamic world of startups. 

The amount of investment a single angel makes can vary; however, a group of angel investors can form an angel investment network, thus enabling themselves to invest in much more significant sums.

It is worth keeping in mind that there will be expenses before a startup is ready to look for investors. So, keep reading to learn how to manage your costs before your seed funding comes around. But let’s focus on how to find angel investors first. 

How to Find Angel Investors

What you need from an investor can significantly change from your fellow startups. There are several ways to determine the best Angel investors for specific businesses. The investment usually comes from individuals or platforms that see eye to eye with the startup. Managing your existing income and expenses, your ambitions or business plan, or your motivations to keep your startup going are valid points for potential investors. Being on the same wavelength with whomever your helper will, naturally, propel you in your desired direction. 

There are also external factors, such as your location, business sector, and how big or small of an investment you’re looking for. So, here’s a list of top Angel investors in the UK to help you find the best one whether you want to acquire your seed funding or budget to scale up.

Different Segments of Angel Investors

We categorised Angel investing platforms to help you focus on finding the best possible match between your startup and an Angel investor. Below, you can find investors based on their location or sectors they prioritise. Make sure to jot down their contact information to create yourself an opportunity.

Tech-focused Platforms

The interest in technology is not going anywhere any time soon. If your journey is also through the tech field, the investors below are in your corner. 

24 Haymarket

Headquarters in London with a regional office in Edinburgh, 24 Haymarket consists of more than 100 investors. Their investments change between £500K and £5M, usually focusing on disruptive healthcare, industrial/consumer technology, and media startups. 



For Investor enquiries

[email protected]

+44 (0) 20 3865 8200

For General enquiries 

[email protected]

+44 (0) 20 3865 8200

London Office: 3rd & 4th Floor, 24 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4DG

Scotland office: 44 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh EH2 4HQ


Edinburgh-based Galvanise focuses on early-stage startups in MarTech, AdTech, and data analytics industries. The investments vary from £150K to £1M.


Contact: [email protected]

Edinburgh Office: RTW Studio, 40 Constitution Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6RS

Cambridge Angels

Cambridge Angels is an investment network of 60+ individuals. They invest throughout the UK, focusing on Cambridge, London, and Oxford. Throughout their funding history, they helped build high-quality CleanTech, Hi-Tech, digital healthcare, life sciences, software, and hardware startups. They also mentor early-stage startups since they have experience in these fields. The investments range from £50K to £500K.


Contact: [email protected]

Angels Den

This platform consists of over 6,000 angel investors who mainly focus on technology. Angels Den also manages an online crowdfunding platform by the same name. They usually invest between £50K and £1M.


Contact: [email protected]

Platforms Focused on Supporting Women

Everybody is the protagonist of their own lives. However, one must admit that some protagonists may struggle more than others whilst reaching their goals. Thankfully, some Angels are trying to even out the field and give everybody an equal chance. Check them out to see the opportunities these platforms provide.  

Angel Academe

To be eligible for an investment from Angel Academe, a startup must have at least one woman on its founding team. Eighty per cent of the network itself is comprised of women. They typically invest in ambitious tech startups. Until now, they have invested over £5M.



Astia—originally from Silicon Valley—is a network that supports women-led startups. They hold events in the UK and US from their offices in New York, San Francisco, and London. Their startup investments have exceeded $20M worldwide. 


Investing Women

Investing Women is based in Edinburgh, and they support both women-founded startups. They also seek to raise women’s involvement in investing and educate potential and existent women angels. Their investment varies between £50K and £250K.


Rising Tide

This platform is made up of 160 women from five continents. They are interested in driving growth in the fintech sector. So far, they have invested over £2M.


Contact: [email protected]

Scotland-based Platforms

We mentioned investors sometimes choose to invest locally or in specific regions. Most of the platforms are based in Edinburgh. They give a chance to startups not on the UK-wide radar and do business in their hometowns. So, you can stay where you are, where you can make a direct impact on your environment. 


Founded in Edinburgh in 1992, Archangels is the oldest angel network. They typically invest in startups from Scotland in the technology, life sciences, alternative energy, biopharmaceuticals, and bionics sectors. These businesses must qualify for the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) or Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). They invest between £50K and £2M.


Tel: 0131 221 9876

Address: Archangel Investors Limited, 20 Rutland Square, Edinburgh, EH1 2BB

London & Scottish Investment Partners

This Edinburgh-based network’s investors are from London, Scotland and part of LINC, the Scottish Angel Network. They focus their investments on life sciences, technology, oil and gas, food and drink, and manufacturing. The investments range from £300K to £500K. 


Contact: [email protected]

Address: London & Scottish Investment Partners, 8 Walker Street, Edinburgh, EH3 7LH

Tel: +44 (0) 131 226 1589

Equity Gap

This Edinburgh-based angel network invests in high-growth startups. They invest throughout the UK with a focus on Scotland. Except for property and traditional retail, they invest in various sectors. They also seek early-stage businesses and mentor their investees. Their investments vary between £100K and £500K. 


Contact: [email protected]

Kelvin Capital 

Founded in Glasgow, Kelvin Capital focuses on businesses with growth potential and scale internationally. At first, they started by investing in early-stage tech companies; however, they are now investing in diverse sectors. They have raised over £27M for 23 companies to date.


Contact: [email protected]


This Scotland-based angel network focuses on SMEs with high-growth located in Scotland and North England. They typically invest in early-stage startups in the IT, biomedical, optoelectronics, engineering, and textiles sectors. Their average deal size is £862K, and they invested almost £70M. 


Contact: [email protected]

Address: Tricapital LTD, St Dunstan’s House, High Street, Melrose, TD6 9RU

London-based Platforms

Like Scotland-based investors, London-based platforms also focus on the location of their potential startups. So whether you are a startup in your growth phase or a small business looking for your seed funding, you may take advantage of the wide range of sectors these investors are interested in. 


Newable is an angel investing platform that acquired London Business Angels and Highland Venture Capital and focuses on AI, robotics, and FinTech. 

The network typically invests between £250K and £2.5M.


Contact: [email protected]

Tel: 02072603100

Angels in MedCity

This platform seeks to gather investors and startups in the life sciences business, including diagnostics, digital health, and medical device technologies. Since being founded, it has invested £14M and supported 43 healthcare and life sciences companies. 


Contact: [email protected]

Tel: +44 (0)20 3179 8100


Based in London, this platform invests in startups in any sector. They are active in the US, Europe, and Asia. They usually seek to invest between £500k and £5M.


Contact: [email protected]

​​Tel: (+44) 0330 122 4336

Address: Fig, 2-4 Packhorse Road, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, SL9 7QE


As a University of Warwick network, Minerva was founded in 1994. Its investors focus on budding tech startups. Their investments range from £25K to £500K.


Contact: [email protected]

As a Bonus

Dragons’ Den 

Dragon’s Den is a reality TV show on BBC. Entrepreneurs pitch their ideas and business plans to five angel investors. The funding can be provided to any sector, but the majority has gone to businesses in the food and drink sectors. They usually offer seed funding to early-stage startups, and the investment can range between £35K and £250K.

You may suspect that BBC’s show is a “mise-en-scène,” but you should have learned that you must calculate every expense carefully to convince your investors. 

Startup costs are an important section you must consider while drawing up a roadmap for your business. There, of course, are different costs to consider depending on the company you are launching. 

If you are in SaaS, you may have to account for online tools and server expenses; on the other hand, if you are a sale-oriented business, you have to consider material costs like warehouses and merchandise. In any scenario, you must have a solid business plan and be prepared for rough patches if you want your pitches to be well received by potential angel investors.

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