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5 Business Credit Cards in the UK with Amazing Rewards

There were almost 500,000 business credit cards issued in the UK. What is the best business card with rewards for you?

5 Business Credit Cards in the UK with Amazing Rewards
14 November 2022

5 Business Credit Cards in the UK with Amazing Rewards

Managing a business can sometimes feel too overwhelming, especially if you’re starting new or have too much on your plate. In addition, managing finances can quickly get messy, but simply hiring a finance specialist is not always the correct answer. So, what’s the solution?

How to Ease Cashflow Management? 

One way to manage your business finances is to get a business credit card. According to a survey, until 2021, there were almost 500,000 business credit cards issued in the UK. And the number is increasing.

But choosing a business credit card is also a confusing decision to make. Some offer minimal interest rates, while others offer great travel and cashback rewards. The options are countless; however, in this article, we have cherry-picked the ones with the best reward schemes. 

American Express Business Gold Card

American Express offers three business cards. However, here we will discuss the Business Gold card, which offers some terrific rewards.

If you spend £3,000 in the first three months, you get a welcome bonus of 20,000 points. Later, you get one Membership Reward point for every £1 spent. The welcome bonus amounts to the value of two economy return tickets from London to Berlin. Amazing, no?

Apart from this, the card offers one-off rewards for spending until a specific limit. That means you are given 10,000 extra Membership Reward points if you spend £20,000 each quarter.

The card also charges an annual fee of £175, which is waived in the first year. The points system is quite rewarding; however, remember that this is a charge card, meaning you must clear the dues monthly. 

You also get a no pre-set spending limit which is perfect if you have colossal business spending. 

Barclays Select Cashback Credit Card

One feature that makes a credit card instantly attractive is a cashback feature. Cashback is when you are returned a percentage of the amount you spend on certain products. For example, your credit card could offer a 2% cashback on all spending on fuel or travel expenses. 

Barclays has three credit cards to offer. Here, we will talk about the Select Cashback credit card, which gives you a 1% cash back on all your business spending. It also has no annual account fee. 

This card also offers other rewards such as cashback on business health insurance, meals at select restaurants, and hotel expenses.

But remember that this card is only for businesses with an annual turnover of more than £10,000. It also charges a variable APR of 21.90% but gives you an interest-free period of 56 days on your purchases.

Barclay Select credit card is an excellent choice if you are a fan of cashback facilities! 

Debite Business Credit Card

If you are looking for a business credit card that gives you the ease of payment, then the Debite business credit card is perfect. It allows you to spread your payments over instalments of 3 to 12 months. Also, it provides a generous 4% cashback for all spendings. On the other hand, your monthly turnover only needs to be £5,000 to get a Debite Business Credit Card.

Debite is a terrific solution for early start-ups struggling with cash flow.

The application process takes up to 24 hours, which is perfect if you need an immediate solution. In addition, you can use your Debite card for international transactions without any extra fees.

The Debite business credit card also charges a minimal interest, starting from 0.79% per month. 

Santander Business Cashback Credit Card

If you are a small or medium-sized business, Santander’s business credit card is designed for you. 

It has minimal card costs and offers a 56 days interest-free period on your purchases. They provide a flat 1% cashback on all your business purchases and charge an annual fee of £30. The yearly cost is easily offset with the cashback if you spend more than £3,000 annually. They charge no transaction fees on purchases made abroad. 

RBS Business Plus Credit Card

The Royal Bank of Scotland offers two business credit cards. Both provide excellent facilities, but the Business Plus card offers extensive cashback rewards. And this is what we will discuss here. 

The annual charge on the card is £70 for every cardholder. However, you can easily offset this annual fee with cashback if you spend enough on the card.

The Business Plus credit card gives you a generous cashback of 2%, depending on what you purchase. The least you get on every purchase is 0.5%; however, 1% cashback is available on select fuel and accommodation. 

In addition, a cashback of 2% is available on particular business or trade suppliers up to a limit of £400 each year. 

Our Choice for The Perfect Credit Card for Your Business

Each credit card offers an edge over others in certain aspects; what you choose depends on your business needs. However, there is one business credit card we find one step ahead—the Debite business credit card.

Most businesses get credit cards to ease their cash flow by delaying the payments on purchases. With an easy instalment plan that can stretch up to 12 months, Debite gives you this comfort like none other. Moreover, the variable APR is also relatively minimal, which is good news for SMBs that already struggle with managing expenses. 

Furthermore, You can get the Debite business credit card within 24 hours and at an annual turnover of £5,000. 


While providing an accessible overdraft facility, business credit cards also give you rewards such as cashback and instalment plans that can tone down your expenses. 

We have mentioned some of the best credit cards above and hope that at least one of them can help you manage your business finances better. Until next time!

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