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Best Business Credit Cards in the UK

Choosing the best business card for your needs that offer generous rewards and business-friendly perks can be beneficial.

Best Business Credit Cards in the UK
18 October 2022

Top Business Credit Cards In The UK

Business credit cards are a blessing in disguise for both startups and well-established businesses. Yet, choosing a suitable credit card for your company is not less than a task. So, to ease your tension, we have shortlisted the best business credit cards in the UK that suit the best startups. 

But before that, let’s study what makes these cards crucial for businesses and what to look for when selecting credit cards. 

Why Are Business Credit Cards Important for Startups?

Business credit cards make up one of the fundamental tools for startups. Although it seems like a regular credit card, it can aid your company with managing cashflows and also treat you with the funds and rewards to back you up. You can save yourself from bankruptcy by avoiding personal credit cards for business purchases with business cards. Being a registered credit card owner gives your business a separate legal identity and a liability. 

Besides, building a business credit score, provision of financial security, and treating you with profitable rewards and bonuses are all the benefits that aid you in taking your startup to the top of the success stairs.

The List of Best Business Credit cards in the UK 

You can choose from various business credit cards on the market, but that would mean loads of work, and you may get overwhelmed, especially if you’re running a startup. We saved you the trouble and shortlisted some business credit cards for startup founders. You may choose what suits you best:

Debite Business Credit Card 

With no annual fees and other processing charges, Debite offers up to 12 instalment options to the new companies. Unlike other credit cards, startups can easily apply for Debite business cards with almost guaranteed approval. This facet makes Debite beneficial for startups having no or low credit scores. The generous rewards and bonuses besides funding can also back you financially.

NatWest Business Plus Credit Card 

This business credit card charges an all-time high annual fee of £70. It represents a variable APR of 29% but offers 56 interest-free days. It also charges a £30 to £70 annual fee on applying for an additional credit card. However, this card is only limited to UK residents of 18 or above. As a plus point, it treats its customers with £400 cashback yearly. 

Vanquis Chrome Business Credit card 

This credit card provides a credit limit of £1,200. However, it ensures a substantial increase in the credit limit every five months. Vanquis Chrome business credit card has a variable APR of 29.5% with an interest rate of 19.5% on all business purchases. 

Clydesdale Bank Business Credit Card 

This credit card charges an annual fee of £28 after the first year of approval. It also offers 59 interest rate-free days with a 22.4% variable APR. However, only the Clydesdale Bank business customers can avail of the benefits of this business credit card. 

HSBC Commercial Credit Card

This business credit card charges an annual fee of £32. Yet, it treats its new customers with a first free year welcome offer. It offers free-of-cost additional business credit cards for employees. However, it is also only for registered UK residents. 

Payment Processing Problems: Debite Is Your Solution

Owning a startup means you multitask, due to which one doesn’t get time to go through every detail. In this instance, payment options and processing becomes challenging to handle. So, choosing the secure payment processing method can aid startups in processing and securing payments. 

However, due to their rigid rules, business founders may find it difficult to access business credit cards. At Debite, we understand the struggles of new businesses. Therefore, we offer startups various payment options with a secured and easy-to-do processing system. It ensures the company’s and consumer’s payment records and assures timely payments irrespective of the currency and payment mode. 

How to Choose a Suitable Business Credit Card for Your Company? 

There is a long list of business credit cards in the UK. Yet, choosing the best one for your company becomes challenging. So, let us highlight some essential points you should check before getting your hands on one.

Choose the Card that Matches Your Business Domain

Before selecting any credit card, ensure that you have analyzed your business domain. The business credit cards offer several benefits, like a 0% interest rate on all purchases, no foreign exchange charges, etc. So, go for the one that meets your company’s needs. 

Are the Additional Charges Justified? 

Several business credit cards ask for annual fees and other management charges. Ensure that it is worth paying before you apply. 

Can You Pay Back What You Owe? 

Don’t spend more than you can repay. Despite it, all the benefits you avail of will get wasted.

Look for the Reviews in the Market

Choosing a business credit card calls for extensive research. That’s why don’t forget to check out the reviews of the cards in the market to select the best one for you.

How Will the Card Aid Your Business? 

Choose the card that can fulfil the needs of your business. It is significant to select the card that benefits your business, like cash rewards or other flexible options.

What Makes Debite Stand out from Its Competitors? 

Whether you are a startup owner, freelancer, or sole retailer, Debite business credit cards have much to offer your company. Its advantages don’t limit to separating your business finances from the personal. Let’s sneak into the benefits debite holds for the new businesses. 

No Annual Fee or Other Management Charges 

Startups struggling with finances can be at ease with Debite as it doesn’t charge any annual fees. Also, there aren’t any other hidden management and processing charges. 

Managing Cashflow and Finances

Debite business card supports the new businesses by sharing their burden. It promises to manage cash flow and fundings effectively to stay on budget. 

Higher Credit Limits and Flat Cashback

It also offers the highest credit limit of up to £25,000. It also ensures 4% guaranteed cashback on all purchases and the funds starting from £1,000 to £250,000 to the startups. 

Helping Businesses Generating a Good Credit Score

Debite understands that building a good credit score increases a company’s reliability for funding and investments. Therefore, it helps the startups in generating the credit history. It also increases the chances of getting better funds to grow their businesses. 

The Bottom Line 

Starting a new business requires multitasking, substantial investments, and a burden of business loans, and holds your saving and dreams at stake. The business credit card provides an easy way to handle your cash flow besides financial security and flexibility. 

Combine these benefits with additional rewards and offers, and you will see how these cards aid the startup founders in growing their businesses.

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